don t text and drive slogans


I love this quote by William Faulkner, but I am going to borrow it since I have read it before, and I want it to be on my wall. Mr. Faulkner said, “To write is to think, and to think is to do.

It certainly sounds like Mr. Faulkner meant that to be the case for the rest of us too. A good rule of thumb for writing is to think it out (for better or worse) and then do it. It’s a lot easier to write about something you’re passionate about than something you’re not. And of course, if you’re going to write something about something you’re not passionate about, just make sure to use some of your best words.

It’s also important to remember that we shouldn’t just write about it. We should think about it. And since we’re already thinking about it, it’s important to make it useful.

In other words, you should not just text and drive your slogans, but make them useful too. Thats a great way to get people to read your post on your blog before they do something stupid. Its also a great way to make a post look interesting and memorable.

The best post I’ve seen on this subject was the one that you wrote in the post “Don’t Text and Drive Slogans”. A whole article with a ton of great ideas you can use to make your posts stand out.

It’s a great way to make your post look interesting and memorable. Though I could see that you could also do it with a little red thread in your head, I didn’t do it. I think that’s a great way to make your text more memorable, but that’s something else that you can do with your post.

Text, a great tool used to convey ideas, is a great tool to make your posts more memorable. But it can also be used to convey messages and ideas that are not great, so I would recommend you don t text and drive slogans.

I think that you can convey an idea or message in text (as opposed to picture/video) that is both memorable and useful. For example, I did that a lot in my last blog post. But you could do it with pictures, videos, memes, or even text if you wanted.

Just like I don t text and drive slogans, you can also use it to convey an idea or message that is not great. I did that with a couple of my posts, but it can also be used to convey an idea that is not great.

Don t text and drive slogans. Also known as don’t text and drive, this phrase is used as a cautionary tale when someone does something potentially dangerous. For example, if you were to drive while texting (which I did) do you think you wouldn’t get a ticket or be arrested? No, you’d probably get a ticket, but no one would be arrested. So really, that’s why it’s a cautionary tale.

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