don’t poke the bear quote


The quote from the movie The Black Stallion is often used to illustrate that even though we know we don’t want to be there, we will end up there anyway. I don’t remember who wrote it, but he probably had a point.

I think it’s a great saying, and it should be used in all situations, not just when you’re trying to avoid a bear.

The phrase “don’t poke the bear” was used in a film by the same name. This is why I recommend not saying it in the house of any person who may be offended by it.

I’ve heard people say this phrase a lot and I’ve never seen anyone ever use it in a real conversation. It’s as if its a phrase we use to make ourselves feel better. What we really mean by saying dont poke the bear is that we’re not going to be on the wrong end of that bear. And of course, if you poke the bear and he pokes back, that’s what happens.

I don’t know how to explain this one. When I was little I remember hearing the phrase used in a TV series with a similar meaning. The show had a theme of “Don’t poke the bear” and it was always used in that context. My parents used to tell me not to poke the bear because it would poke you back. I guess that was a reference to the TV series too.

I was watching a TV show recently (so maybe not so much a TV show as the original version of Aeon Flux) and it had the theme of Dont poke the bear and it was always used in that context. The show also had a part of the theme (and of course the series is very much still alive) of Dont poke the bear because it’s evil, but I guess that’s a reference to the original version of that show.

At any rate, just like how the TV series, the original version of Aeon Flux has a theme of Dont poke the bear and even the original version of the show uses Dont poke the bear as a term. Dont poke the bear is also used as the title for one of the books in the original version of Aeon Flux. It’s a reference to the idea that the Dont poke the bear quote is one of the most famous quotes in all of fiction.

It’s almost like a cartoon. As a matter of fact, people often quote Dont poke the bear as a way to calm them down, and the bear seems to have some of that power. It’s also a term for the phrase “don’t poke the bear.

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