everyone hates marketers


If you’re not a frequent reader of this website, please stop reading now. Please.

What? I think you have a point, but I don’t want people to stop reading this because every time I type “marketing” into Google it gets my page ranking way down.

Google does not like marketing. It’s why I don’t want people with my website to use SEO or social media, or anything else that will make me look like a website owner.

Here’s a warning on some of our other sites when people ask you if you work for a company: They are not interested in seeing you work. You are not interested in work here. If you are looking for work with a company, look for a business. If you are looking for a job with a company, look for jobs at a small company. If you are looking to work with someone to do something, look for a company that specializes in building house appliances.

Marketing is a thing. And just like any other business, you may be able to get hired if you’re good at it. However, the best marketers are people who have a very strong desire to help people who want to learn how to do things. I know this from personal experience. In high school I took a marketing course, and by the end of the term we were working on a website so we could hire staff.

And as I was looking to hire people to build a website for our company, a guy walked up to me and said, “You guys should hire me to do the website.” I’m not sure what the guy was thinking, but I was definitely interested because I was trying to build a website with no experience. He was a little old at the time, and since he didn’t know much about computers, I thought he was going to be a bit weird.

Well, he was a bit weird. I think I was a little bit weird too. I was trying to hire someone to build a website for my business and I was asking them for advice on how to build the site. And the guy told me that as long as I made it work, he would work on it with me. So I was like, “Okay, I can do this”, and I went to work.

The way we think is the way we know. We’re not the same as every other person. Marketing is not a universal language. We’re not the same as your mom. Marketing is not the same as your aunt. Marketing is not the same as your neighbor. Marketing is not the same as your uncle. Marketing is not the same as your coworker. Marketing is not the same as your friend. Marketing is not the same as your coworker.

What you should do is look at your own habits. Have your own hobbies, go to clubs, dress up as a celebrity, etc.

Like most people, I find myself hating advertising. It’s always the same people, always the same commercials that are making me cringe. It’s not even because I dislike them and it’s not because I don’t want to see them. It’s because I actually enjoy watching them. I don’t know why I hate them so much. Maybe it’s because some of them are so annoying.

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