happy august 1st


I love this song. I can’t tell you why but I find it really catchy.

Like I said before, it’s a catchy song. But it’s also a sad song. As you probably know, I havent been feeling so good lately. I can’t shake off the feeling that something is wrong. At the moment I am thinking it is you. I am tired of being alone and I feel that something needs to be done to change my life. I know I need to get out of here, but I can’t do that if I don’t know what’s wrong.

Its not that you are feeling sad, its more like you are lonely. I know you probably feel lonely when you are feeling sick. You are probably feeling tired of being alone and wondering why anyone would be in your life. I know that feeling. I have been there for you, and you have been there for me. My heart is heavy with your pain.

I know that feeling. I feel it too. I am sad for you. I feel how you are feeling. I know my own feelings. It is the way I feel, too. I know that feeling.

Well, this is the kind of thing that makes you feel lonely. I know what it’s like to feel lonely, and not feel that way because I know how much I am missing you. I feel that way for you. I know how lonely you feel, too.

When you look at a screenshot of my life (in real life) from The Last of Us, it doesn’t feel like you are falling into a big hole. It feels like a big hole, and I know that. And I know that. I know that. I know that.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “happi” which is a Finnish word meaning “it’s good”. In it, the word “good” is used as a compliment. That’s why you got that “i” in your name, it sounds like a “I” but is a “g”. My own feelings. It is the way I feel, too.

Like I said, you are probably familiar with happi, but let me reassure you that what you see is not a metaphor for a big hole. The very fact that I know you so well and can be so honest with you and I know how difficult it is to be honest with you is not a metaphor. I know you are reading this right now because I just wrote it on my phone this morning. It is a very real feeling that I have been having for a long time.

The feeling of being a victim, of being a victim of circumstance, is something I’ve been experiencing for a very long time. I can’t get rid of it. As I put it in my last blog post, I feel like I haven’t had a really happy day in a very long time. My sense of humor has been in decline for awhile now.

I did have a couple moments of happiness moments. The real thing is that I can’t get rid of it. I have a bad feeling of self-esteem and I don’t look back. I don’t want a nice relationship with anyone. I want to be an artist. I don’t want a relationship with a person. I want to have a relationship with a person. I want to be a wife, but I don’t want to have a relationship with a person.

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