how to see if someone is active on instagram


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t just look at their faces, or just see them in all their glory. But a lot of times what you see or do isn’t necessarily the best representation of who they are. As a matter of fact, sometimes it’s the opposite.

In the case of someone who is actively commenting on instagram (or facebook, or any other social networking site), they are more likely to have a profile picture where a single person’s face is shown. A profile picture tells those who have seen it that this person is active and wants to be seen, and it also tells the world about that person’s life. But if the person is only a few hours in, they don’t really have an active profile at all.

This makes sense. If someone is only a few hours in, then theyre not going to have many followers and so they wont have an instagram profile picture. But if they have several hundred followers, then theyll definitely have an instagram profile picture.

On Instagram, you can check if someone’s account is “active” by looking at their profile picture. If a picture is “active” it will display a little heart next to it that says “[active-]“. If a picture is “not active” then the heart will be empty, and no picture will have a little heart inside it. This should be enough for most of us.

I should have added that the heart in the active image is a little ‘floppy’ so that it will go away if you delete it. And this is why it’s better to leave empty if you don’t have an active account.

This is a good tip for anyone that goes to instagram and messes up their profile picture. If you have an empty heart in your profile picture and you dont have a heart in your account picture you can be sure that you arent being active on instagram.

But the best part is that you can see your activity on instagram by searching for your name and seeing your account picture. That’s why it’s always good to have a profile picture. Just remember, if you are active on instagram, your profile picture will be in your account picture so that you dont miss any updates.

It is true that we should take the precautionary measures of updating our profile picture when we think we might be active on instagram. The important thing is to be aware of the fact that our profile picture will always be in our account picture so that we don’t miss any updates. If you are active on instagram be sure to use your profile picture to show that you are actively active on instagram.

I think this is an important rule, especially if you will be using instagram for notifications and posts, but I am not sure if it applies to the general public. If you are active on instagram, then you need to post an update that shows you are active on instagram. A picture which you can see in your feed will definitely help.

This is a good rule, but I feel like it is not clear. Perhaps it’s because you are using instagram for notifications, but maybe you don’t want to post a picture for fear your followers will remember it. For instance, in the video you posted, you are wearing a nice pair of sneakers and trying to sneak in a few extra drinks on the beach. You may want to check out the instagram page for more information as to where you have been.

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