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This is only one of the many captions we post on instagram. This one has the most likes on instagram. Most people don’t know what we do for a living. We’re just a couple of guys who love to golf and have the funniest things to say.

We’re a bunch of guys who love to golf, and we’re talking about golf.

We are also big fans of the game. So whenever we find a golf club in our home or in another person’s, we will post it on instagram. That way we can see how many of our followers have been golfing, and as well as keeping our followers engaged, we can show off our golf club collection to other golfers.

Instagram is the most popular social media app for golf. The app allows for a wide variety of shots, and a small amount of feedback. So if you have an instagram golf club, you can send it to your followers so that they can see your best shots. If you are a golfer, you can also post your best shots on your instagram account.

Golfclubs are a pretty common form of Instagram follower, but some people don’t use them. I like to post golfcaptions of my golf club shots to instagram because they make it easy to see the high scores and how many followers I have.

The app allows for to capture your shots and send them to your followers so that they can see your high scores and see which ones are most popular.

The app also lets you know when you are in the top-10 of your polls for the most popular polls. It is possible to tweet up a picture and shoot it to Instagram to share it with others, and you can even tweet it to your followers.

Some of you may recall we’ve used the hashtag #golfcaptions on Instagram. The app allows you to tag other people who have tagged you and then see them in your own photos. It’s really easy to figure out how many others have tagged you, and if you’re tagged by a bunch of people then you have to figure out how to tag yourself.

So we decided to take a look at the latest poll on instagram and see what our readers think. Some of the comments were a bit funny, but we also got a few nice shots of our readers! We think you’ll be happy to know that the most popular poll is one that asks “Which golf game is the hardest to learn?” This poll is actually from the site Go Golfing and the results are actually pretty funny. The winner being “Poker” over “Golf”.

I like the way they say “Which golf game is the hardest to learn” but I also thought it was a bit of a weird question. So I went back to the poll and asked what the hardest golf game to learn is. The response was the above mentioned Poker.

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