instagram reel vs story


These are two very different videos that were taken in different times of the day. The instagram reel, which has over 800,000 views, shows a car running through a traffic jam. The story, which had over a million views, shows the person who took the video. The car in the video and the person who took the video are two separate people, but they are doing it at the same time.

The video is from 2012 and the story (which was taken in 2013) is from 2014. At first I was a little confused because they were both at the same time by the time of the post, but the time stamps are correct. So apparently every time someone says they’re taking a video or a story, they’re not taking a video or a story. For some reason, I think this is a really cool thing and I would highly recommend it.

This is a good point. Instagram is the easiest way to post a video or photo of yourself. If you’re not using this method, you’re missing out on a ton of amazing video content. And because Instagram is such a huge platform, there are millions of photos already out there from different people.

Most people use Instagram to post a photo of themselves. But there are millions of photos out there already. And the reason Instagram is such a huge platform is because it allows you to post photos of other people. This means that if youre going to post a video of yourself, you should be posting photos from your friends and family as well. If not, youre missing out on a ton of awesome content.

Instagram is a good place to post photos of other people, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with your life. It’s only a way to share photos that people upload. But the problem with this is that people tend to only look at photos and posts when they are happy and relaxed. And when they’re not, they just feel like they can’t post photos and get rejected.

The problem with posting pictures from other people is that theyll only see your happiness and smile. Theyll forget what youre going through. And its not really your fault. This is why we need to post our own photos that show other people in a positive light.

While this is a really interesting problem to have to deal with, it is actually a lot of people who feel more stressed out and have fewer ideas. This is why we need to be more creative and try to create something that shows people what they really DO want to see.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: Why is it that we aren’t getting anything from other people’s pictures? Because they are there. So, why are we getting all of our pictures from other people? Because it is our own doing.

As it turns out, the reason we’re getting all of our pictures from other people is because our own pictures are too dark. We all know that we have to get creative and create something that shows people what we are really doing. We need to take advantage of the camera and use it to tell stories that are original and unique. The more we can use it to tell stories, the more we can tell stories to our friends and family.

We may have to change up where we place our photos. Instagram was designed to be a platform where people are able to share images. It has become incredibly popular and many people are using it for their own personal use. The Instagram story has gotten even more popular because you can tell stories that are specific to your brand and your audience. You can tell a story about how you changed your hair color or your weight loss journey and tell people about it.

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