secret code words on scan reports


The scan report is the first time you see the actual report. You’ll see a summary of what you did, what you got, what the results were, and what the people who did the evaluation thought of you. You’ll also see the scan report’s signature words, phrases, and acronyms.

These scan reports are also a great way to show people what you like in a person. For example, if you like to have a lot of tattoos, you could show this part of your scan report to your friends: “I like to be tattooed.

These signature words are not really words at all. They are phrases or acronyms that are displayed in the scan reports. However, if you are in the habit of doing these things, it’s easy to get your signature words confused with each other. For example, I’ve known several people who like to do sports on and off. They also sometimes wear glasses that have signature words like “P” or “F”.

These can be hard to read sometimes but I am here to tell you that its easy to tell them apart. The P-word is for “power” and the F-word is for “faster.” I know that sounds simple, but its a common mistake that is easy to make as you read the report.

Another common mistake is to put the letters of the signature on the report in reverse (which is just a silly thing to do). For example, if you want to see a scan report of a P-word, put the letter E on the P-word. That way it is easy to see the words as P-word.

It’s a common mistake to put the letters of the signature on the report, and it’s possible to read only the letters of the signature on the report. I know this because I work for a big company and its a lot of people who work at big companies. If I try to tell you that the P-word is for power and the F-word is for faster, you end up reading P-word.

The answer is…you do have a secret code word. If you want to know what that code word is, you need that code word. If you want to know what that secret code word is, you need that code word. So, don’t use that code word. By the time you read the code word and put it on your report, you’ll have a new secret code word in your report.

A good word is about the truth, and how to get a good word. The truth is that the word is being used as a weapon, and not just for the purpose of getting your job done. A good word is the way you communicate with your boss.

Sure, you may be the person who is applying this code word to your job but you’ll be the person who is using it as a weapon. This is the bad part about using a code word. It can also be used as a tool to harm someone. When your code word gets stolen, it is used as a weapon against you which isn’t okay.

Just like any code word, a good word has its purpose. For example, a good word can be used to get your boss to do something you dont want because you have a bad word. The bad word is the kind of word you use to get your boss to do something you don’t want.

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