seriously strange twitter


My first time on Twitter, I was surprised by a lot of the people who responded to my tweet. Some of the tweets were funny, some of them were off the wall, but there were a lot of them that were just really strange. They were a little bit scary, but I was definitely interested in what the person had to say.

Twitter is an extremely powerful communication tool, and when you are a regular person, it can be a scary place to not have any real contact with other people. Twitter is a great way for people to connect and to keep in touch with one another, but sometimes when you’re not connected, it can be unsettling.

Twitter has become a popular way to network. It’s easy to use and easy to use. You can set up fake accounts, and even if you don’t follow someone on Twitter, you can still join a group to hang out with and to discuss things that you’d rather not talk about. With that in mind, I can’t really think of anything that Twitter is as scary as the people who use it.

The fact is it’s not much more terrifying than any other social network. There are some people who are very strange when it comes to Twitter. Some people are very odd, and those that are, are usually very shy. Some of the weirdness of Twitter stems from the fact that some of the people who use it are so weird that the only way to get to know them is through the weirdness they have to share on Twitter.

I think, at least for now, Twitter is a fun place to be a tweeter. It’s very accessible for the newbie, which makes it a great place to find like-minded people. Most of the people who use Twitter are not weird or very shy, but they have a very strange sense of humor.

Twitter is a great place to find people that like the same things as yourself. For example, if people are all in on the same TV show, it’s a great place to find people in the same TV show. If you find a bunch of people from the same TV show, then you can talk about it on Twitter using #TVShow.

In the past, it seemed like a lot of people on Twitter were quite shy and didn’t talk a lot. It seems that the people who really like the things that they do on Twitter are either really normal people with a lot of weird friends or a large number of people who tend to find themselves in strange places. The number of “real” Twitter users has gone way up.

You can find a lot of different kinds of people on Twitter. Many people are simply like, “hey, I’m new here.” Others are more specific. For instance, many of the more specific Twitter users are people who just “follow” people. These people are very aware of what they are talking about and are usually very funny. Others are just people who have a lot of followers, but are so weird that they find it strange to be on Twitter.

A lot of people are just like, hey, Im new here. You know who you are.

Twitter is a great way to be really weird. You never know who you’re going to meet, and it’s generally the easiest way to build a following quickly. I think that is a great way to make someone a fun character in your game.

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