treynor ratio


My friends and I are fascinated with the treynor ratio.

This metric is often used to compare the number of treynors in an object, which is a way to measure the purity of a metal. There are a lot of theories as to why the ratio is so important, but in general if it’s too high the metal is considered too pure, and if it’s too low, the metal is deemed too impure.

The treynor ratio is a common metric used for the purity of a metal, but it’s also used as a measure of how pure an object is. The ratio tells you how many treynors are in a given metal. This is important because we can tell from a metal’s purity level that it’s too pure or too impure. In most cases, the more treynors we have, the higher the purity level.

For example, the purest gold is very rare and extremely valuable. That means the purity level of gold is very low, and since the purity level is very low, the ratio of treynors to gold is very high. In contrast, the roughest gold is almost always the most valuable, but it also has the lowest purity.

The most difficult to make sure of is to use the highest purity gold for a particular purpose. For example, you can buy a lot of gold from any metal that you want, and the price is easily adjustable. The purity level is often not worth the price you pay. For example, a lot of metal would have more purity than gold, but it would also have lower purity than roughened gold.

The only way to know for sure is to try and make your own gold. If you don’t understand how the various metals react with each other, you’re bound to make some mistakes. Treynor ratio is a way to see what the proportions of various metals are. To use it, you have to take a sample piece of gold, and then mix it with a second gold sample. Then the ratio of the two metals is measured.

It’s a little more complicated, but if you’re going to run your own mine, it pays to get some samples.

It sure does pay to get some samples. But it goes even further and gives you a lot of information you can use to decide how to mix the two together. So that should tell you a good amount about how to get your gold back out as a mix.

Treynor Ratio is the way to go if you’re trying to get a sample of gold. It gives you a lot of information about the gold you have in your pocket, and how to put it back together as a mixture.

Treynor Ratio is a ratio that combines several golds to make one. You can use it to make a good mix of golds, but it doesn’t give you enough information to know which one to use. Like any ratio, though, it gives you a lot of information you can use to make a good mix, so its value is definitely worth knowing.

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