which targeting option should an advertiser use when trying to reach 25-30 year old males?


I started to see how much of the web traffic to our website was coming from males between the ages of 26-30. Many of our visitors are between these ages.

We are not trying to target the entire population of males. We’re targeting the 25-30 age group specifically. However, even though the majority of our visitors are males, we still see a lot of them in our database; often, they come from a different age range than we do. But that doesn’t mean that they are not all in the same boat. Our visitors from these different age ranges are not all in the same boat.

The only other option is to just look at the demographics that we have in our database. However, that is actually a bit harder than it sounds. It takes a little while to pull a complete demographic from the database and to then determine if it’s a male or female that is making the purchase. If we were to use this method, we would have to run the entire list through our own software to determine if they are male or female. That would require a ton of time.

Instead we can use the most commonly used software. It’s called the “Targeting API” and it is free. This API can be used to determine which ads are showing to which client. If we have a client that is aged 25-30 and is a male that resides in South Central LA, we can use our database to determine that they are male.

With just a few clicks we can determine if they are male or female and then we can use our software to target them. We don’t have to go through the trouble of scanning their entire profile.

The main goal of the Targeting API is to get the best possible user experience. It’s the only way we know to target our target audience to the right audience.

The Targeting API is only available for a limited period of time, and only works if we apply the Targeting option to the target target. We use the Targeting API to find out which client a client is a male, and then we apply the Targeting API to the target target to get the best user experience we can get. If the client is a male, we will also apply the Targeting API to get a target user.

If we don’t have the Targeting option, we’ll have to rely on the Ad Group API and the Ad Group API won’t have the best user experience.

What we do internally is target people who have high search volume, and then in the Ad Group API we look for people who have the same type of search volume, and in the Ad Group API we look for who have the same type of search volume as the target user we are targeting.

Targeting is the third most common approach for targeting, and should be used to make sure an advertiser is actually targeting you, and not just targeting the target.

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