youtube ads meme


This funny ad for is really a meme. As usual, you’re supposed to click a few times to see the funny ads, but that’s really just the beginning. This is just a basic meme that can be used for other reasons.

The ad itself is super easy to laugh at. It’s a video that shows an old lady singing a song that has a bit of a religious feel to it, but in the end she’s just another old lady singing a pretty song. But what keeps it from being just a joke is the idea that it is the same song as a YouTube playlist, and because of this the ads somehow have the appearance of being real.

YouTube’s ads are the biggest thing that seems to have gotten people upset, so that’s a good thing. But what does it say about Youtube that the videos are essentially a playlist of the same song? I mean, they dont play the same song every second, but the idea that all the ads are playing the same song is just an example of how silly it must be to think that Youtube could be anything but a YouTube.

Its the same song that people click on in the first place, and that’s no big deal. But the fact that people are clicking on the same song in ads with the same song playing in video with some new song and some old song is just weird. Thats like a song that has the same concept of itself in multiple forms.

The whole song meme is a way of saying “we just don’t care about the fact that the music we click on is the same song that everyone else is clicking on.” The music in all of these ads is the same track in the same genre, but the ads are different. And a song is just the same song for everyone.

The same song is always the same one. The song in all of these ads is always the same song. The only song that has different songs is the one that everyone else is clicking on. Every time we start a new song we get a new song.

The only thing that changes is the song in the video. The only thing that doesn’t change is how we’re thinking and feeling. Our own mind is just a song in our head.

A song, a video, and a meme are all a part of YouTube. These videos are all a part of YouTube that are just the same song for everyone. When we go to YouTube we just click on a song and it’s been there all along. The only real difference is that we are feeling the song and the video. We are not the song. The only difference is that we are feeling the song and the video.

I’m not sure if the video was made for the purpose of a video, but I’ve seen it live and in commercials and I’ve seen it on Youtube. It’s an incredible video and it’s the best video ever made. It’s the best film ever made. It’s the best music ever made.

In the video above, I think it was an ad for a beer. It was the best beer Ive ever had.

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