Leveraging ‘Write for Us’ in Tech: Submission Guidelines & Opportunities

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential for both businesses and individuals. One way to do this is by leveraging the ‘Write for Us’ concept, a valuable practice in the tech industry. This article explores the importance of ‘Write for Us’ and offers insights into article submission guidelines, the prospects of getting paid for your work, and the criteria for publication.

What is ‘Write for Us’?

Search Operator Usage Example Purpose/Application
site: site:example.com write for us To find a “Write for Us” page specifically within a certain website.
intitle: intitle:”write for us” technology To find pages that have “write for us” in the title, focusing on technology topics.
inurl: inurl:write-for-us technology To discover technology-related “Write for Us” pages by searching URLs containing the phrase.
(Double Quotes) “write for us” “submit a guest post” To search for exact matches of common phrases used on “Write for Us” pages.
(Minus) “write for us” -site:pinterest.com To exclude certain domains, like Pinterest, from your search results.
OR “write for us” OR “contribute” technology To search for either “write for us” or “contribute” pages related to technology.
filetype: filetype:doc “write for us” Though less common, this can be used to find downloadable documents that mention “Write for Us,” potentially including submission guidelines in DOC format.
intext: intext:”guest post guidelines” technology To find technology pages that mention “guest post guidelines” somewhere in the text.
allintitle: allintitle:write for us technology Ensures that all words appear in the title, useful for filtering to specific topics.
allinurl: allinurl:submit-post technology Searches for URLs that contain both “submit” and “post,” targeting technology topics.
related: related:exampleblog.com Finds websites related to a given blog, which can uncover similar opportunities not directly found through other searches.
cache: cache:example.com/write-for-us Shows the cached version of a specific “Write for Us” page, useful if the current page is down.
allintext: allintext:”write for us” + “guidelines” technology Searches for technology sites where both “write for us” and “guidelines” appear in the text, ensuring you find detailed submission pages.
inurl: + intitle: inurl:guest-post intitle:”write for us” technology Aims to find technology sites that have both “guest-post” in the URL and “write for us” in the title, indicating a dedicated guest posting page.
OR + site: “write for us” OR “submit an technologyicle” site:.org Looks for nonprofit or organizational websites (.org) interested in either “write for us” submissions or “submit an technologyicle” contributions.
+ “write for us” -“closed” -“not accepting” Searches for “write for us” pages while excluding those that state they are currently closed or not accepting submissions.
site: + intext: site:edu intext:”contribute to” technology Finds technology (.edu) websites seeking contributions on technology topics, indicating a higher likelihood of quality and authority.
intitle: + OR intitle:(“write for us” OR “contribute”) technology Searches for technology-related pages that are specifically looking for contributors or guest posts, broadening the scope by including “contribute.”
inurl: + inurl:blog “write for us” -category Finds blogs with “write for us” pages by excluding URLs that contain the word “category,” potentially filtering out blog index pages.
filetype: + intext: filetype:pdf intext:”submission guidelines” Searches for PDFs containing “submission guidelines,” useful for academic, scientific, or professional submissions where guidelines are often in PDF format.
allinurl: + intext: allinurl:submit-technologyicle intext:”technology Looks for pages where the URL suggests technologyicle submission and the text includes “technology,” targeting how-to and tutorial sites.
” “ + intext: + OR “guest post by” intext:(expert OR author) technology Finds technology technologyicles by guest experts or authors, indicating sites that welcome knowledgeable contributions.
site: + OR + intext: site:.uk OR site:.ie intext:”write for us” technology Targets UK (.uk) and Ireland (.ie) technology sites open for guest posts, focusing on a geographical area.
+ inurl: + intext: -inurl:forum -inurl:thread intext:”write for us” technology Excludes forums and threads, focusing on technology websites that actively seek guest posts or technologyicles.
intext: + -“no longer” intext:”write for us” -“no longer accepting” Filters out sites that explicitly mention they are no longer accepting submissions, ensuring you target active opportunities.
inurl:contribute + OR + inurl:submission inurl:contribute OR inurl:submission “technology Broadens the search to include URLs with either “contribute” or “submission,” aimed at technology opportunities.
allinurl: + intitle: allinurl:write-for-us intitle:guest “technology tips” Searches for technology tips websites with “write-for-us” in the URL and pages specifically titled with “guest,” indicating guest post acceptance.
site: + -filetype: site:example.com -filetype:pdf “submit your post” Targets a specific site for submission opportunities but excludes PDFs, which might contain outdated guidelines.
intext: + related: intext:”guest post guidelines” related:example.com Finds pages with guest post guidelines that are related to a known site, uncovering similar opportunities in the same niche.
” “ + `-inurl:(tag tags)` “write for us” -inurl:tag -inurl:tags
allintext: + -site: allintext:”submit an technologyicle” -site:pinterest.com -site:facebook.com Excludes social technology platforms from search results, focusing on dedicated websites that accept technologyicle submissions.
intitle: + -“not looking” intitle:”write for us” -“not looking for contributions” Specifically targets “write for us” pages while filtering out those stating they are not currently seeking contributions.
inurl:guest + intext: + -“thank you” inurl:guest intext:”write for us” -“thank you posts” Focuses on guest-related URLs and excludes “thank you” posts, which often list past contributors rather than offering opportunities.
intitle: + OR + -“this page” intitle:”contribute” OR “write for us” -“this page is closed” Searches for titles indicating contribution opportunities, avoiding pages marked as closed.
site: + intext: + -“currently full” site:.edu intext:”guest posts” -“currently full” Looks for technologyal sites accepting guest posts but excludes any that mention they are currently full or not accepting new posts.
allinurl: + -“category” + -“archive” allinurl:write-for-us -“category” -“archive” Refines searches to exclude category and archive pages, which might clutter up results without offering direct opportunities.
allintext: + -“not accepting” allintext:”write for us” -“not accepting” Filters out pages that state they are not currently accepting submissions, streamlining the search for active opportunities.
intitle: + inurl:submit intitle:”guest post” inurl:submit Targets pages with “guest post” in their title and “submit” in their URL, indicating a high likelihood of submission calls.
site: + OR + -inurl: site:.com OR site:.net -inurl:forum “write for us” Aims to find “Write for Us” pages on commercial (.com) or network (.net) sites, while excluding forums to avoid off-topic results.
” “ + -intitle: “submit your content” -intitle:comments Looks for exact matches of “submit your content” but excludes pages with “comments” in the title to avoid comment sections.
inurl:author + intext: inurl:author intext:”contribute to our site” Finds author-specific URLs that invite contributions, suggesting guest authoring opportunities.
intitle: + -“archive” + -“tag” intitle:”write for us” -“archive” -“tag” Searches for pages titled “write for us,” excluding archives and tags to filter out less relevant results.
site: + -“FAQ” + -“contact” site:example.com “write for us” -“FAQ” -“contact” Focuses on finding “Write for Us” pages within a specific domain, excluding FAQ and contact pages to narrow down to the submission guidelines page.
intext: + OR + -“comments closed” intext:”guest post” OR “write for us” -“comments closed” Searches for text containing either “guest post” or “write for us,” excluding pages that mention “comments closed” to avoid outdated opportunities.
allinurl: + -“forum” + -“reply” allinurl:guest-post -“forum” -“reply” Targets URLs containing “guest-post” but excludes forums and replies, aiming for direct guest post submission pages.
site: + intitle: + -“no posts” site:edu intitle:”write for us” -“no posts” Searches for technologyal sites (.edu) with “write for us” in the title, excluding pages stating “no posts” to find active opportunities.
” “ + -“sign up now” “write for us” -“sign up now” Looks for exact matches of “write for us” while excluding any call to action like “sign up now,” which might indicate a different context.
inurl:blog + intext: + -“submit” inurl:blog intext:”write for us” -“submit” Searches for blogs indicating a “write for us” page but excludes those with “submit” in their text, potentially narrowing down to more specific guidelines or contact forms.
allintext: + -“not currently” allintext:”write for us” -“not currently” Aims to exclude pages that specifically mention they are not currently looking for contributions, focusing on active opportunities.
intitle: + -“category” + -“tags” intitle:”submit an technologyicle” -“category” -“tags” Filters out pages that are likely to be category listings or tag archives, honing in on direct submission pages.
site: + OR + -“guest” site:example.blog OR site:example.technology “write for us” -“guest” Searches for “Write for Us” pages on either of two specific domains, excluding pages that use “guest” in a way that might indicate closed opportunities.
” “ + -“become a member” “submit your work” -“become a member” Searches for direct invitations to submit work while avoiding sites that require a membership sign-up to contribute.
inurl:contributors + intext: + -“no longer” inurl:contributors intext:”guest writers” -“no longer” Targets contributor-specific URLs that invite guest writers, excluding those that state they no longer accept contributions.
intitle: + -“guidelines” + -“FAQ” intitle:”write for us” -“guidelines” -“FAQ” Seeks out “Write for Us” titles but aims to sidestep guidelines or FAQ pages, potentially to find direct contact forms or alternative submission methods.
site: + -“archive” + -“template” site:example.com “guest post” -“archive” -“template” Focuses the search on a specific site for guest posting opportunities, excluding archives and templates to improve relevance.
intext: + -“apply now” + -“membership” intext:”write for us” -“apply now” -“membership” Searches for text inviting submissions, excluding prompts that might lead to application or membership pages rather than direct opportunities.
allinurl: + -“submit” + -“apply” allinurl:write-for-us -“submit” -“apply” Aims at URLs containing “write-for-us” while excluding terms that often accompany more complex submission processes or applications.
site: + intitle: + -“closed” + -“not accepting” site:edu intitle:”write for us” -“closed” -“not accepting” Specifically targets technologyal sites with active “Write for Us” pages, excluding any that mention being closed to submissions.
” “ + -“sign up” + -“register” “contribute” -“sign up” -“register” Looks for opportunities to contribute without the need for signing up or registering, aiming for more straightforward submission processes.
inurl:blog + intext: + -“comment” inurl:blog intext:”submit a post” -“comment” Focuses on blogs inviting post submissions, excluding pages where “comment” might indicate a focus on reader feedback rather than guest contributions.

‘Write for Us’ is a guest posting opportunity offered by various tech-related platforms, websites, and blogs. It allows authors, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts to contribute their knowledge and insights to a broader audience. It’s a symbiotic relationship where writers provide valuable content, and platforms offer a platform for their voices to be heard.

Why is ‘Write for Us’ Important to Grow Your Business?

Guest posting in the tech industry is more than just sharing knowledge; it can significantly impact your business’s growth. Here’s why:

1. Exposure: Guest posting exposes your brand, product, or service to a wider audience. It can attract potential customers, partners, and investors.

2. Credibility: Sharing your expertise through guest posts establishes you as an authority in your field. It enhances your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness.

3. SEO Benefits: High-quality guest posts often include backlinks to your website. These backlinks can improve your site’s SEO and increase its visibility on search engines.

4. Networking: Through guest posting, you can connect with other experts, influencers, and industry leaders, expanding your professional network.

5. Content Creation: It’s an efficient way to generate valuable content without creating your platform from scratch.

Article Submission Guidelines

Before you start writing for a tech platform, you should adhere to specific article submission guidelines. These may include:

1. Word Count: Most platforms have word count requirements for guest posts. Typically, articles range from 500 to 1500 words.

2. Originality: Content should be original and not previously published elsewhere.

3. Relevance: Ensure that your content aligns with the platform’s niche and target audience.

4. Quality: High-quality content, free from grammatical errors, is essential.

5. Images and Media: Platforms often appreciate articles with relevant images, infographics, or videos.

6. References: Cite credible sources to support your claims.

Where Can I Write and Get Paid?

While many platforms offer exposure and the opportunity to build your portfolio, some may also pay for guest posts. Tech-related publications, magazines, and content marketplaces are good places to explore this opportunity.

Table of Contents

site write for us technology
blockchain technology + write for us
write for us technology blog
write for us tech
write for us business
technology write for us
tech “write for us”
technology + write for us + guest post
business + “write for us”
technology blog write for us
software “write for us”
write for us guest post technology
artificial intelligence write for us
mobile technology write for us
mobile app development “guest post”
ecommerce development write for us
email marketing write for us
Digital Marketing Blogs Write For Us
Technology Business Write For Us
Online Marketing Write For Us
Marketing Blogs Write For Us
Content Marketing Write For Us
Business Advice Write For Us
Entrepreneur Write For Us
Startup Write For Us
Investment Write For Us
Seo Write For Us
Technology Write For Us
Tech Blogs Write For Us
Tech News Write For Us
All Health Accepting Guest Posts
Health Write For Us or Submit Guest Post
Home Improvement Guest Post Write For Us
Submit Guest Post on Health Issues
Write For Us Real Estate
Real Estate categories Write For Us
Web Hosting
Social Media Advertising
Virtual Advertising
Search Engine Marketing (seek engine optimization)
Search Engine Marketing Tools
Digital Advertising
New updates,
Internet Web Hosting
Advertising Strategies
App Improvement
Web Hosting Services
Internet Improvement
PPC (pay in step with click)
Web improvement platforms
WordPress new plugins
Web Hosting “Write for us”
Write for us + Web hosting
Technology business “write for us”
Write for us “Technology”
Digital Marketing “Write for us”
Tech Blog + Write for us
Software + Write for us
Social Media Marketing “Write for us”
Online Marketing “Write for us”
“Write for us” + search engine marketing
Write for us + Antivirus
“Write for us + WordPress
search engine marketing “write for us”
Software Write for us
Web hosting + “Write for us” + Guest publish
Tech Blog News ” write for us”
“contributing writer”
Write for us + “Software”
Write for us + General
write for us guest post
Gadgets “write for us”
Tech Gadgets + Write for us
Web Development + “Write for us”
Write for us + Technology
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning (ML)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Internet of Behaviors (IoB)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Blockchain Technology
App Development
Cloud Computing
Wearable Technology
Human Resources
Remote onboarding

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts

Paying writers for guest posts is a recognition of their expertise and the value they bring to the platform. It also attracts experienced professionals who might not have the time to contribute otherwise.

Where Should You Send Your Pitch?

To submit a pitch or an article, check the specific guidelines on the platform’s ‘Write for Us’ page. Typically, you’ll find a contact email or a submission form for this purpose.

Whom Do We Allow to Publish?

Tech platforms usually welcome contributions from:

1. Tech Experts: Those with hands-on experience in the field.
2. Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Those who have launched tech startups.
3. Researchers and Academics: Professionals with in-depth knowledge of tech trends.
4. Tech Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about the latest tech developments.

Categories Articles Aren’t Accepted Here In

While tech platforms offer a broad range of topics, there are categories and types of articles that may not be accepted. These typically include:

1. Plagiarized Content: Unoriginal content is a strict no.
2. Promotional Content: Articles that read like advertisements are usually not accepted.
3. Low-Quality Content: Poorly researched or written articles are typically rejected.
4. Off-Topic: Content that doesn’t align with the platform’s niche is often declined.

Who Can Submit an Article?

Most platforms welcome both experienced and novice writers. You don’t need to be an industry expert to contribute. Passion, a unique perspective, and the ability to communicate effectively are often enough.

What Kind of Articles Do We Publish?

Tech platforms typically publish articles that fall into these categories:

1. Tech Trends and Innovations: Exploring the latest tech developments.
2. Tutorials and How-Tos: Guiding readers through tech-related processes.
3. Opinion Pieces: Sharing personal insights and perspectives on tech topics.
4. Case Studies: Analyzing real-world tech implementations and their outcomes.
5. Reviews and Comparisons: Evaluating tech products and services.

Who Are We Publishing For?

Ultimately, tech platforms publish for a diverse audience that includes:

1. Tech Enthusiasts: Those who want to stay updated on tech trends.
2. Professionals: Industry experts looking to expand their knowledge.
3. Students and Academics: Those conducting research or pursuing tech-related studies.
4. Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Individuals seeking inspiration and insights for their ventures.

What You Should Follow While ‘Write for Us’

When contributing guest posts in the tech field, consider the following:

1. Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest tech trends and developments.
2. Research Thoroughly: Back your claims with credible sources.
3. Be Concise: Write clearly and to the point.
4. Engage with the Audience: Encourage discussions and respond to comments.
5. Respect Guidelines: Always adhere to the platform’s submission guidelines.

In conclusion, ‘Write for Us’ is a valuable avenue for tech enthusiasts, experts, and professionals to share their knowledge, enhance their businesses, and contribute to the broader tech community. By adhering to submission guidelines and following the outlined best practices, you can make the most of this opportunity and thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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