How to Troubleshoot Common Issues with Your Home Garage Door System


The garage door system of the house should be working well to ensure the security and access convenience of the dwelling. Yet garage doors are not independent of any mechanical system and they are bound to have problems now and then. Below are some common writing issues and the optimal ways of solving those issues.

The garage door not Opening or Closing

One of the most irritating experiences is seeing a garage door not open or close as agreed. All these problems may originate from numerous factors. First, go to the power supply and ensure that it is connected well and the circuit breaker was not triggered purposely. 

Then, check the remote control as it can be a problem in having new batteries or needing some programming. In the same regard, check on the door bottom with special safety sensors and conclude that they might be misaligned or obstructed by dirt. If the problem still exists then the best course of action is to call an expert to assess your home garage door system.

Noisy Garage Door Operation

An echo that is produced when one opens or closes the garage door is not engaging; it can be a sign of problems. Certain parts of equipment like rollers, hinges and tracks do require periodical greasing and oiling so that they can operate efficiently. Moreover, worn rollers or hinges must be also inspected and if they are damaged they must be changed as well. 

It is also important to point out that any form of loose hardware may lead to noise, you should therefore check and tighten up any loose bolt or screw on the garage door and the rails. In this guide, it is well understood that the repairing and maintenance tasks can reduce most of the noise and can also increase the life of the garage door system.

Remote Control Malfunctions

The broken remote control is one of those problems that are not a big issue, it’s just irritating. It is important to first begin with the basics and this entails replacing the batteries in the remote control. Consult the manufacturer’s guide on how to retrain the remote control to the opener for it to work correctly. 

Also, look for any neighbour electronic devices that could have an impact on the signal of the microwave used in the remote. In some cases, changing the batteries or if the earlier procedures do not work, then replacing the remote might be the only option.

The Garage Door Reverses Before Closing Completely

If your garage door opens at the end of a cycle and does not close, then you should check for some of the following; misaligned sensors or any form of obstruction. First, clean the sensors as the presence of dirt or cobwebs on the sensors can make the sensors act erroneously. Then, please confirm that the two sensors are oriented to each other, facing each other.

For complicated issues or if you need an expert to help with the garage door system installation, then you will have to seek the services of a technician. With proper and timely maintenance and repairs, you will be able to ensure that this part of your home remains secure as well as fully functional.

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